I am professor in Medical and Physiological Chemistry at the University of Lund, Sweden. My research is about appetite regulation and energy balance. I am particularly interested in regulation of palatable food and ways to promote appetite control. I also teach in basic physiology and cell biology for medical students as well as students in biology, nutrition and nursing. I give popular science lectures about our appetite regulation, modern food consumption and how this promotes eating and possible ways of attaining energy balance in our modern society, both physically and mentally. I have written around 175 scientific articles, am the inventor of six patents, have written several popular science articles and books.

My leisure activity is my family, music and the church. I play with my family, when they have time. I also like to be outdoors in nature. I am member of several societies with interest in science, food, France, music. I like people with a sense of humour. I go to church regularly. Love and piece are two most important words.

Best wishes
Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson

You are what you eat: Food tips for a healthy lifestyle

Professor Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson from the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University explains what and when we should eat to live long and healthy lives.

Publicerades den 10 dec. 2015

Mat och motion.

Vad ska man äta? Vardagsmotion - vad betyder det? Filmen vill hjälpa att reda ut begreppen, alla rykten om kroppen, maten och motionen.

Publicerades den 30 okt. 2011