The Use of Green Leaf Membranes to Promote Appetite Control, Suppress Hedonic Hunger and Loose Body Weight.


Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy.

Feeding spinach thylakoids to rats modulates the gut microbiota, decreases food intake and affects the insulin response.

Den smala midjan – vacker och möjlig?

En studie om hur den svenska konsumtionen av läsk, glass och frukt hade påverkats av en prisjustering.

Högfettdieter är inte harmlösa – allvarliga hälsorisker har kartlagts.
Ateroskleros, bröst- och koloncancer, depression, sämre minne, beroende...

Thylakoids promote release of the satiety hormone cholecystokinin while reducing insulin in healthy humans.

Appetite regulation and energy balance.

Three-Day Enteral Exposure to a Red Kidney Bean Lectin Preparation Enhances the Pancreatic Response to CCK Stimulation in Suckling Pigs.

The effect of low carbohydrate on energy metabolism.

The global obesity epidemic: Snacking and obesity may start with free meals during infant feeding.

Om socker och fett – en väg till belöning.

Overeating of palatable food is associated with blunted leptin and ghrelin responses.

How Palatable Food Disrupts Appetite Regulation

Effect of Long-term High-Fat Feeding on the Expression of Pancreatic Lipases and Adipose Tissue Uncoupling Proteins in Mice.

Socker triggar våra belöningssystem. Sött frisätter opiater som sätter fart på sötsuget – insulin kan dämpa det.

The role of uncoupling proteins in the regulation of metabolism.

mRNA for pancreatic uncoupling protein 2 increases in two models of acute experimental pancreatitis in rats and mice.

Appetite suppression through delayed fat digestion.

Sweet and fat taste preference in obesity have different associations with personality and eating behavior.

High-fat diet impairs hippocampal neurogenesis in male rats.

Chloroplast membranes retard fat digestion and induce satiety. Effect of biological membranes on pancreatic lipase-colipase.

Det ljuva livet - om socker.